High-Quality Blade V-Cut PCB Depaneling Equipment with Induction Feature

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PCB cutting machine can cut various types of V-CUT. It is suitable for laser cutting and de-boarding of PCB circuit boards made of soft-hard composite boards, FR4, PCB, FPC, fingerprint recognition modules, covering films, composite materials, copper substrates and other materials.

This machine is a ultra low cutting force stress Pneumatic PCB separator, widely used to all PCBA boards.(with V-groove or without)


1, This machine can use for cutting all kinds of boards with v-slot.

2, Durable blade design, balde can be shaped at least twice.

3, Circular blade height can be adjusted to fit the different kinds of PCB with different height components.

4, Blade moving operation,relative low force stress,single motor control the balde, easy and conovenient operation.

5, With induction function, the machine will stop operation if the operator touch the space of balde moving.

6, Security, with double protective device,no need worry about the security production problem.

7, Durable, using high quality good material blade.

This machine adopt Japan brand high speed steel balde as the cutting tool, use circular and linear blade combination to finish the separating process, linear blade fix the PCB on the bottom, and circular blade moving to cutting the entire printed circuit into small pcs PCB. It's a eady and convenient PCB separating machine, suitable for cutting all kinds materials boards with the V-groove, like the aluminum board, fiber-glass board, LED board,etc.