Explore the newest single-platform offline PCB Router at HSTECH!

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This machine is a floor standing automatic PCBA routing machine, it’s single platform operation, using PC for programming, automatic bottom routing and bottom dust collecting.The machine using high speed routing spindle, fix the PCBA with jig, to separate the stamp hole, curve PCB, and other irregular connected PCBs.

Single-platform offline PCB Router is a kind of equipment specially used for cutting PCB soft and hard combination boards, which uses a high-speed rotating milling cutter to cut the circuit boards. This equipment has the advantages of high precision, high speed and high efficiency, which can effectively avoid thermal deformation and mechanical stress during the cutting process and ensure the cutting quality.


1.Chinese/English software operation system.

2.German brand Basler high speed camera whole board photography programming mode. Remote control and debugging can be realized.

3.Equipped with auto routing tool(bit) changing,break tool detection, tool height correction function.

4.Single table work, can also be used in combination of two machines, while the equipment can be unmanned operation with a robot, greatly improving production efficiency.

Full vision intelligent router is suitable for consumer electronics, home electronics, automotive electronics and other related multi-board PCB cutting operation.