Experience Unmatched Quality with the 2024 High Precision Double Work Table Soldering Machine

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The automatic soldering machine is mostly used in the electronics manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for process processes and solder processing that are difficult to achieve in reflow soldering and wave soldering. Automatic soldering robots replace manual soldering to improve work efficiency and improve solder quality.

This automatic soldering machine we call it a 5 axis soldering machine, it based on a 4 axis soldering robot and plus a 360 degree rotation R axis, so it has larger soldering range. It's mostly used in the electronics manufacturing industry to achieve blind soldering which in reflow soldering and wave soldering can not do, It is especially suitable for mixed circuit boards, heat sensitive components, and sensitive devices in the SMT back-end process, also widely used in PCB soldering wire, charger plug,soldering,connector plug,DC terminal,LED strip light soldering and other fields.

Machine Features:

1, 5 axis soldering.

2, Stepper motor control.

3, Heating and broken tin control.

4, High quality Linear guide, ensure the moving smooth and flat.

5, Flexible soldering, available for spot soldering, drag soldering and other functions.

6, The machine arm is a private model aluminum alloy, stable structure, no bent, anti-rusty.

7, Teach pendant programming, can save max 99 groups programs,

8, Smoke purification filter system, extend the lifespan of the solder iron, improve the soldering quality.

Suitable for automotive electronics, digital, electronic products, LCD, circuit board and other production industries, connectors, RJ / network transformers, cable, FPCB welding, COF welding, computer motherboards, CABLE, speakers and motors Quality welding industry.