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Piezo Injector Valve
1. Adopting modular design, the part in contact with the gel is designed as runner module and the part not in contact with the gel is designed as valve module.

2. In different applications, the runner module can be replaced to meet the dispensing needs.

3. Nozzle diameters (from 0.03MM to 0.80MM) are categorized into flat jet, needle, and extension nozzles.Runner modules need to be cleaned regularly in an ultrasonic cleaner. Seals should not be immersed in organic solvents. Special tools are required to clean the nozzles to prevent damage to the nozzles.

4. When the runner sealing surface accumulates colloid crystals, prohibit the use of sharp objects to remove the crystalline layer to prevent scratching the sealing surface.

5. In order to avoid the crystallization of colloid in the runner, coagulation, clogging, in the specific application, please consult our technical staff, select the correct runner module.

Product Features and Advantages


High speed

Maximum operating frequency up to 1000Hz, instantaneous maximum frequency up to 1500Hz, non-contact spraying avoids Z-axis movement.

High efficiency

Can be matched with any dispensing platform in the market, can spray on uneven workpiece surface (flexible circuit boards, etc.).

High precision

The drive adopts piezoelectric method, the spraying accuracy can reach 99%, can realize the minimum line width 0.17mm, the minimum spot diameter 0.15mm, the minimum single spot volume up to 0.3nl non-contact dispensing.

High Convenience

Unique structural design, not only can realize the rapid disassembly of the glue feeding components, but also less sealing consumables, maintenance is more simple and fast.


Application Field

Acoustics, optics, semiconductors, automotive electronics, photovoltaics, new energy batteries, flexible circuit boards, displays

Piezo-ceramic injection valve is a high-frequency precision piezo-ceramic material as the driving force, so that the needle to do up and down rapid reciprocating motion, to realize the high-speed injection of glue. Due to the fast reaction speed, high precision and excellent stability of the piezoelectric ceramic material, the stability of the piezoelectric ceramic injection valve is more obvious than that of the pneumatic injection valve driven by compressed air, eliminating the instability caused by fluctuations in the pressure of the air source.