Boosting efficiency through the use of automatic screw fastening machines

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Screw fastening machine with touch screen control for increased productivity

Nowadays, most factories and businesses are using automatic screwing machines to lock the screws of their products. The use of automatic screwing machine can effectively reduce the cost, not only can reduce the labor cost, but also can reduce the cost of product waste.Automatic screwing machine can create more value for businesses.


Screw fastening machine with touch screen control


1. The screws will feed to the screwdriver bit directly one by one through a tube, to achieve extremely fast feeding and screwing.

2. The operator can use manual positioning to do the programming. It is highly efficient and very easy to learn the operation.

3. With alarm function for fastening missing, untightened screws, worn thread, etc.

4. Support auto sensing start operation function.

5. With the fixed work table, the working position can be adjusted flexibly.

6. It is easy to operate and maintain, and provides excellent fastening accuracy and repeatability.


It is suitable for all kinds of screw fastening process on mobile phones, keyboards, monitors, car accessories, toys, small home electrical appliances, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, LCD screen, electronic components (such as relays, speakers), etc.