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Offline PCB Router

PCB Router,also called automatic pcb cutting machine, with high speed spindle drying milling kit to cut high density pcba andother material substrate.




  • Description
  • High efficiency

    High precision

    High flexible

    Full electric control, no CAD requirement

    High stability, easy to maintenance

    Esay to operation,short changeover time

    Designed for middle/small size PCBA



    Model RM-288 RM-388
    Structure Single Spindle,dual work platforms
    Machine Size(mm) 1000*1200*1550
    Gross Weight 700kg
    Dust collector size(mm) 625*600*1600
    Dust collector power 3HP/2.2kw
    Dust collector Weight 130kg
    Dust Collection method Bottom collection
    Work platform size 300*400mm
    Platform driving type Double rotary platform,precision slicer with 3phase motor inverter
    Driving system X/Y/Z axis driven by servo motor,W axis driven by three phase motor frequency inverter
    Routing Spindle 5000~50000rpm,auto cooling 5000~60000rpm,auto cooling
    Cutting speed 1-100mm/s
    Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
    Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm
    Axis moving speed 800mm/s
    Z axis moning method Screw driven,dual guide
    Router kit milling cutter,φ0.8~φ3.0 left rotation,Shank Tungsten Steel
    Tool life control Software program control
    Active protective function safty light curtain
    Security door Manual door
    Error alaum Yes
    Program method Self programing,camera controlled by keyboard and mouser


    Product Overview

    PCB Router,also called automatic pcb cutting machine, with high speed spindle drying milling kit to cut high density pcba andother material substrate.



    1,Standard configuration high speed Germany Sycotec spindle


    2, Ultra low working noise(less than 75dB)


    Machine Size(mm)


    Friendly Operating System


    Windows7/10 English version operating system,simple for debugging and operation.




    Super Vision System


    Using high resolution CCD camera allow the user to edit the cutting path easily with it's automatic calibration feature resulting to a very accurate cutting operation.

    Movement System


    The X,Y and Z axis are made of grinding grade precision ball guide screw and driven by AC servo motor, achieve a good and stable movement performance, with frequency up to 1K Hz high speed response time and self adopting shock reduction filters.

    Innovative Hanging Router Kit



    The design of the driving shaft located in the center, and slave on both sides, which ensure the stability and accuracy,results to a harmonious structure and compacy size.(50% smaller than industry standard).

    Rotary workbench structure

    The workbench design is driven by a high pulling torque segmentation(180degree),provides more precision and stability than cylinder driven machines workbenches.This innovative rotary workbench design also allows simultaneous operation of defferent cutting algorithms on both the A and B workbench,thereby reducing changeover idle capacity and maximizing productivity.


    Dust collection system

    The dust collection system and antistatic blower mantains the system clean during operation,ultra low noise.

    Blade management

    Allowing the cutting blade setup by stages greatly reduces the cost for consumables.

    Cutter System

    The milling cutter is driven by a high speed spindle with the advantages of a reduced cutting force, high accuracy,low noise and suitable for all the curve pcbs,like round,straight line,L or U type,squares and arc shapes.

    Self recovery diagnostic system

    The self diagnostic system allows easy troubleshooting of malfuctions during production and reduces downtime.

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