Laser marking machines ideal for a wide range of industries

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Metal surfaces, marking engraving of integrated circuits, electronic components, micro-transformers, plastic products and other products.

With the development of technology, laser marking technology is constantly being updated. We, Dahe Laser, have launched a visual positioning laser marking machine, which adds a visual positioning system to the original standard equipment. It is a new generation of visual positioning fiber laser marking machine system developed by our company using today's advanced laser technology. To solve the problems of difficult placement and slow efficiency of micro products, the fiber laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and adopts air cooling method for cooling. The whole machine has a small size, good output beam quality, high reliability, and is maintenance free. The unique adsorption device and backlight detection design of this machine facilitate real-time detection of workpieces by operators. The large format worktable can be fixed and adjusted arbitrarily.

1. High definition: Resolution of 1 micron, more than 10 times that of traditional products
2. Low power consumption: 1/25~1/10 of traditional products
3. Fast speed: 3-5 times faster than traditional products
4. Stable: superior to similar products
5. Long lifespan: more than 10 times longer than traditional products
6. Positioning accuracy: More than 10 times that of manually placing small products, with high automatic recognition rate

Application field
1. Ink and paint: mobile phone battery labels, panels, phone buttons, small daily necessities accessories, etc.
2. Laser marking of ceramics and EP materials: electronic component packaging, IC, etc.
3. Plastic products: serial numbers, logos, barcodes, QR codes, fonts, letters, etc. for electrical enclosures, electronic products, and other products.
4. Metal and surface: Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, oxidation, phosphating, electroplating, commonly used for laser marking of hardware, daily necessities, electrical packaging, mobile phone casings, etc.
5. Keyboard and buttons: Fine marking of miniature transformers, keyboards, buttons, etc.

The marking effect of the laser marking machine is clearer and more precise, making it more suitable for finer pattern marking. The carving speed is faster, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.