Increase equipment service life with advanced nozzle cleaning machine !

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The nozzle cleaning machine can automatically complete the nozzle cleaning and blow-drying process, mainly used for cleaning and mounting small components.

With the development of SMT technology, the miniaturisation of electronic components, the miniaturisation of high-density mounting integrated circuits has become a reality, and the future development trend will inevitably be more and more miniaturisation of electronic components. Due to the placement of the chip, the mounter nozzle because of contamination of solder, dust clogging and other reasons will lead to frequent throwing material, failure and shutdown, bringing great impact on production, resulting in a decline in productivity, scientific cleaning of the tiny nozzle has become an urgent need to solve the problem.

Nozzle cleaning machine can automatically complete the cleaning and drying process, it adopts multiple spraying nozzles spraying cleaning method, uses fluid mechanics to shred water, produces very strong water mist, forms powerful kinetic energy at the speed of sound and sprays on the nozzle, forming a continuous shape above the nozzle, clean the dirty on the surface and inside of the nozzles, it mainly used for cleaning small components, such as 0603,0402,0201,01005 and high precision nozzles.

The machine takes PLC as the control core, adopts modular control, and is designed with multiple protection measures, high degree of automation, high reliability and excellent performance. The cleaning system of this machine adopts pulse-type pressurised cleaning method, which can quickly remove the inner wall of the suction nozzle, the dirt that could not be removed before, and the use of industrially pure water (soft water: PH value 5-7) or tap water will not damage the suction nozzle when removing it, which is more efficient and better cleaned than the traditional models.