PCB handling flipper Inverter for double side processing

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PCB Flipper Inverter

PCB Flipper Inverter can invert printed circuit board smoothly and correctly. We do a lots of test with many sizes of PCB and this machine invert with 100% accuracy every time and it is very easy to adjust. We consider lots for producing our products such as durability and reliability. So, our machine will be suitable for small and big production systems. And also it can be highly customized with attractive price-performance ratio.

1.PCB Flipper Inverter is used to invert PCB(180 degrees) for next process to meet the needs of double-sided processing
2.PLC micro computer control which is stable and reliable.
3.Film switch control interface which is very easy to operate.
4.Acoustic-optic alarm system
5.Invert mode is balanced, stable and accurate.
6.Top safety cover can be opened for machine maintenance.
7.Customizable left to right or right to left
8.Function of automatic preventing plate stuck
9.Standard SMEMA signal communication