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Solder Paste Screw Valve HS-2000S HS-2000R

(Solder Paste) Screw Valve is our self-developed, patented Disposable Material Path (DMP) dispensing valve.




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    (Solder Paste) Screw Valve is our self-developed, patented Disposable Material Path (DMP) dispensing valve.
    1.Includes disposable feed screws for easy maintenance, and the disposable feed channel allows the valve to maintain its dispensing accuracy for a longer period of time.
    2. The DMP valve's more chain door can be opened easily, easy to remove the disposable feed channel, even in the production line, can be replaced in a very difficult time, do not need to clean or refurbish the valve, does not affect normal operation.
    3. There is a heating function, in the use of higher viscosity glue, heating will make the glue flow better, more stable out of the glue.
    4. Use Dclrin country made feed screw, strict quality suppliers to ensure product quality.
    5. Relative to ordinary valves, reducing the accumulation of liquid in the valve body to reduce the wear and tear of the motor, so that the service life of the valve is greatly increased.
    6. HS-2000S series valves are available in three pitch sizes: 6, 8 and 16 pitch. For details, please refer to the example table on the right.
    7. Equipped with a special controller, you can freely adjust the cycle of punching or line drawing mode, as well as the suction time.






    Appearance size (L*W*H)

    Attachments drawings

    Attachments drawings




    Material of valve body

    Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Corrosion-resistant composites

    Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Corrosion-resistant composites

    Fluid inlet

    Standard Access Syringe

    Luer Lock Female 1/4PNPT Female

    Fluid outlet

    Holds any needle

    Luer lock male Luer taper and cap

    Unlock the door


    Right 10-32 UNF

    Fits cylinder



    Input Voltage Range

    4-24V DC  70 Psi (4.8bar)

    4-24V DC  70 Psi (4.8bar)


    Maximum fluid pressure


    30 Psi(2.07bar) 100 Psi(6.9bar)


    Operating frequency

    The fastest 2 seconds 3 points, the fastest straight line 50MM / sec


    400+ times/minute

    Installation Ports


    1-inch/25.4mm channel 10-32 UNF

    Mounting holes

    20*20 holes, refer to drawings for details


    Viscosity range



    Screw specification

    HS-P6 Pitch 4MM-Imported plastic material

    Tungsten steel screw,pitch 6mm

    Screw specification

    HS-P8 Pitch 3MM-Imported plastic material


    Screw specification

    HS-P16 Pitch 1MM-Imported plastic material


    Screw specification

    HS-P6-WG Pitch 4MM-Wear-resistant tungsten steel material


    Screw specification

    HS-P8-WG Pitch 3MM-Wear-resistant tungsten steel material


    Screw specification

    HS-P16-WG Pitch 1MM-Wear-resistant tungsten steel


    Plastic screw life

    Solder paste can be used for 2-3 months based on a 10-hour working day


    Tungsten steel screw life

    Solder paste can be used for 10-24 months based on 10 hours of work per day


    Unsuitable glue

    900CPS low viscosity or less, fast drying glue


    Unsuitable feeding method

    Pressure barrels


    Dispensing precision

    5% (subject to the actual glue) with particles error large


    Cleaning valve

    Just use a cloth to wipe test, can also be cleaned with Tena water




    1. No Motor Reversal Function Required Disposable Fluid Paths.

    2. No cleaning required UV-compatible Delrin fluid paths.

    3. Rotating tip collar option for curved/oval tips.


    Typical Applications

    1. Placement of solder paste beads in solar cell lugs.

    2. Dispensing small amounts of SMA deposits in PCBA production.

    3. Dispensing structural adhesive on flexible PCBAs.


    Industry Applications

    Solder paste, red glue, silicone, high viscosity, high flow fluids, fillers.

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