Role of the exit conveyor after wave soldering

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Three meter exit conveyor after wave soldering from HSTECH

The three meter exit conveyor after wave soldering is mainly composed of frame, drive roller, redirecting roller, conveyor belt, tensioning device, driving device, rollers and so on.


1.large conveying capacity, can be uninterrupted continuous transportation of materials, and can also be in the process of conveying without stopping the case of loading and unloading, will not be empty and lead to intermittent transportation. At the same time, because of infrequent starting and braking, it can be used for high-speed operation. Continuous and high-speed conveying capacity is not comparable to its conveying equipment.
2.simple structure. Belt conveyor is also set up in a certain line range and conveying materials, single action, compact structure, its own quality is lighter, lower cost, because of uniform load, stable speed, the power consumed in the process of work is not big change. Under the same conveying conditions, the power required by the belt conveyor is generally smaller.
3.long conveying distance. Not only the single machine in the conveyor length is increasing, and can be more than one single machine in series connected to the long distance of the conveyor line.