Enclosed loader/unloader from HSTECH

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Enclosed loader/unloader   

1.This model is mainly applied to the front section of SMT production line, sending the stacked bare boards into the back-end equipment automatically by vacuum adsorption, with automatic board loading function, which can be used in conjunction with the board feeder, or used as a bare board collector alone.
2.The control system adopts PLC control and light touch key membrane switch control panel, which is durable and beautiful.
3.The frame structure adopts sheet metal welding, surface painting treatment, leaving a visible window.
4.The lifting mechanism adopts motor lifting setting with adjustable step, which effectively shortens the boarding time.
5.The lifting structure adopts the stepping motor lifting method, the starting and stopping can be set by acceleration and deceleration, which makes the conveying smooth and not easy to punch the board.
6.Equipped with standard signal port, can be connected with any other equipment online.



1.Modute design.

2.Stabllty enhanced by robust design.

3.Economic design arm test.

4.Smooth and parallel width adjustment.

5.Three magazine racks application.

6.Top and bottom pneumatic clamps to secu re magazinerack.

7.No PCB breakage guaranty during loading&unloading.

8.SMEMA compatible.