Conformal coating line conveyor for PCBA transportion

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The drive system of the conformal coating machine consists of three axes, XYZ. The maximum speed of the drive system is 300 mm per second to minimize the time between long movements. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean.Use the pin chain conveyor for product transportation. This is a rugged conveyor that can withstand the solvents and chemicals used in conformal coating.

Machine Composition

1.Reliable XYZ Motion System
2.Full-featured Programming, including Teach from .JPG
3.Inline Operation with SMEMA Communication
4.Spray and Needle Valve
5.Purge and Solvent Cups
6.Stainless Steel Surfaces
7.Bottom Side Fume Extraction with Exhaust Flow Sensor
8.External Reservoirs for Fluid Feeding
9.Internal Black Light for Coating Inspection
10.Keyed Maintenance Mode
11.Light Tower