Advantages of SMT Dual Rail NGOK Unloader

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Advantages of SMT Dual Rail NGOK Unloader


Un-loader is used at the end of the SMT line. By receiving the signal from the machine position, the PCB board is pushed into the material frame for storage. The material frame is full will be automatically sent out and replaced by the next frame empty, repeatedly to achieve automatic board splicing function, effectively saving manpower.

Dual-track Un-loader receiver is used for various dual-track production equipment (such as dual-track reflow soldering, placement machine, dual-track printing machine, AOI, etc.) after receiving the signal of the installation position, the PCB board will be pushed into the material frame for proper storage, to achieve automatic board receiving function, effectively saving manpower.

NG OK Unloader receiver is used at the end of the test equipment (such as SPI, AOI). By receiving signals from test equipment, storing NG and OK respectively, intelligent board receiver saves manpower.


1)Adopt PLC programmable control system, key setting, simple operation.
2)NG/OK Un-loader has NG and OK stable board collection function
3)Double Un-loader can be used to collect boards at the end of double track SMT line
4)Stable casting type lifting table to ensure the stability of the equipment
5)Up and down three-point pneumatic clamping function to ensure the accurate position of the material box
6)Special air circuit plus photoelectric protection design function, effectively ensure that the PCB board is not pushed bad
7)Compatible SMEMA interface

NG/OK Un-loader is used for AOI automatic optical inspection and automatically stores the NG/OK board separately after receiving the AOI signal.